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I would like to offer you some resources to help you understand more about plant-based health and how what we eat can have a profound effect on our health. 

Time spent learning and understanding the research and the science of plant-based health can improve your health outcome and your ultimate success at reversing lifestyle diseases. 

I recommend transitioning to a plant-based diet with the I FEEL GOOD PROGRAM

I Feel Good Program is an excellent way to learn how and what to eat to reverse lifestyle diseases. It has been created by Adam Guthrie who overcame his own health challenges. Adam is a Professional Chef and lifestyle coach.


Adam has created the I Feel Good Program to help you regain your health. The program has a step by step guide with recipes and meal plans as well as a warm and welcoming community forum where you can walk alongside other people on a similar journey.

You can read all about how to join the program with the below link.

The following links will take you to some enlightening websites that will give you all the science and stories regarding a plant-based diet so that you can move forwards with confidence.

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